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Hello word nerds. I’ve missed you. Things have been pretty busy over here at Casa de la Brasch. For starters, I had a baby. I’ve never done that before. It was pretty crazy, let me tell you. But totally awesome and worth it. I was filled with, “I am woman, hear me roar!” type pride. I think Mic Drop moments in the delivery room should be mandatory. Don’t get me wrong, there were also tears and swear words and drugs. It was glorious. Then, BAM! Baby!

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Since baby, I’ve been learning how to be a mother. There’s a steep learning curve for ya. And also wondering why I never realized just how little sleep the human body needs to function. It’s all good though. I have learned the art of the cat nap.

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Life was pretty much: Play with baby. Sleep when baby sleeps. Feed baby. Repeat.
Cooking wasn’t even on my radar. On a related note: Progresso soup and pop tarts are totally delicious, am I right?

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But I love every second with my little cub.

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We love music and dance time every day! We really know how to have fun together.

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But then something wonderful happened! What you ask? My baby started sleeping! Months and months (AND MONTHS) after all my friend’s kids started sleeping, mine finally considered it and found the idea amiable. And when he napped, I was like, “Hey. Remember that time I was a writer? I liked that shit.” I even got new book ideas!

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And while I’m convinced there’s an alarm to wake a baby underneath a mother’s pillow that the weight of a human head activates – I even managed to pick up a book or two and read for fun! Much like the pillow alarm, cracking open a book can also wake a child in another room instantaneously. Proceed with caution.

Ahhhh, secret reading.

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So now I’m drunk with sleep, baby snuggles, and book stuff. DRUNK WITH THE POWER, I SAY. And also maybe a glass of wine here and there. Just a small one.

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How have you all been? If you’ve been reading anything fabulous you’re under moral obligation to share. I’m too tired to keep up with the hot new books, so tell me all about ’em. (Dying to get my hands on The Girl on the Train, though. Bonus points if you want to tell me what you thought of that one.)

That’s all for now. We’ll talk soon I’m sure!



The Best Medicine is Laughter

Dreadfully sick. I was told ear infections are not contagious. First WebMD and then a Doctor said this, however, I should note that the Doctor was telling me this as they were writing me a prescription to treat my ear infection. First one I’ve ever had, actually. And just after the small children in my life all had them. Funny how they’re not contagious.

Never having had one before, I ignored that weird feeling in my ear for several months until I spiked a high fever and my throat turned red and swelled up. Good times. 

My husband bought water ice to sooth the ouch and my cat also is taking steps to comfort me. The steps are usually over my face in the middle of the night but it’s how I know she cares. There’s nothing quite like waking up and rasping, “Get off my face, devil cat!”

But in the midst of it all, I feel the best medicine is laughter. Laughter and antibiotics, at least. So now, I bring to you – the laughter. 

I should note I am now set on purchasing a Slip N Slide just to make hubs recreate this special moment. 

But now back to my misery. (I’m like a five year old when I get sick. I just can’t deal. Welcome.)


Me, calling out to Hubs, when he quickly walks by the bedroom lol

My cat, the very SECOND I appear to be asleep has to jump on me and check.

“Hey, you still alive in there?” – “No! LEAVE ME!”

When I’m feeling better, “Death will not take me!”

My cat, lying in wait thinking, “You have to sleep sometime, human!”