Love All The Books.

The Truth About Writing

Writing is awesome. Let’s face it, if you’re doing it, you’re doing it because you love it. You have to love it because you will at some point let people read what you’ve written, you’ll query an agent, a publisher, you’ll allow your book to be seen by the masses (ideally) and that road is paved with rejection. Lots of rejection. So you must love it. Why else would you sign on for torture if you didn’t have to?

The good news is there’s a great writing community full of nice people who console, encourage and cheer lead for each other. Get in with that. It’s awesome.

But this post isn’t really about any of that. It’s about venting. In gif form, obviously.

So when you dream of being a writer you imagine some ethereal, dream like future:


But reality is a bit more like this…


And a few hours later it looks more like this…


At some point, you’ll get to the edits. You may need a helmet for this part.


Not everyone always finds their mark and I don’t think it’s ever been done on the first try. Rewrite. Revise. Rewrite. Revise. That’s your mantra. That’s your friend.

Dog catching toy fail


Sometimes “the muse” I hear so much about is busy. She’s a bitch. You can try lying in wait and stalking her a bit. I like to call this time “research.” Delve into character names or awful tropes and think about what you would do differently. See if the muse takes the bait and gets your wheels turning.

Cat catching pigeon fail

But if the muse thwarts you – you have to force it like a pair of skinny jeans after New Years. 


There’s usually someone around to give you a helpful pat on the back.


And you’ll focus on your writer dream, your beloved manuscript and rainbows and unicorns. All good thoughts!


A lot of writing is a leap of faith. You do what you have to do to get it done. Tell yourself you’re writing for you and no one else will read it. Give yourself permission to suck (that’s what editing is for!)  and jump in. Figuratively.

Guy jumps in swimming pool off balcony


And (especially if you’re me) plan on technical difficulties and plan your freak out accordingly.

 Good luck!


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