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Cover Reveal: Trusting Tanner

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Trusting Tanner by Lexi Lawton

Release date: May 8, 2017

To win her trust, he’ll have to surrender his heart.
Trusting Tanner is a sexy new adult romance coming May 8th from Entangled Embrace. Check out the cover!

About Trusting Tanner:
The Collins Brothers #1

Tanner Collins is the embodiment of perfection—tall, dark, sinfully sexy—and completely out of Juliana Shea’s league. Knowing she’d never survive a repeat of her last disastrous relationship, she parks Tanner firmly in the friend zone. But man, he’s hard to resist.

Juliana is exactly what Tanner wants, and he’s determined to win her over with his kindness and humor… But one night—a night he can’t even remember—threatens to take it all away.

With the flick of a “send” button, their hope for a future together is shattered. But Tanner isn’t the type to give up on what he wants—and he wants Juliana.

TRUSTING TANNER releases May 8, 2017
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About Lexi Lawton:
Born and raised in Central New York, Lexi Lawton is an only child who found companionship in books. When she was old enough to put pen to paper, she began writing her own stories of love, suspense, and heartbreak. She hasn’t stopped since. Represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency, Lexi is actively pursuing her dreams of publication.

Today, Lexi lives in Michigan with her husband, four kids, three pit bulls, and two cats. When she’s not writing, she enjoys going to the gym, spending time with her family and friends, and obsessively listening to anything by Luke Bryan.

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Torn (The Georgia Corbins, Book 1)




Torn Banner

TORN (THE GEORGIA CORBINS, Book 1) by Kara Leigh Miller

Two years ago, Alison “Ali” Philips watched her two best friends — Levi and Tucker Corbin — pack up and move away from the only home they’d ever known. Being apart is difficult enough, but going years without so much as a phone call or email from either of the brothers was heartbreaking for Ali. But life goes on, and Ali learns to slowly pick up the pieces of her life and mend the hole they left in her heart. She’s doing pretty dang well, too. Until she comes face-to-face with Levi Corbin during Monday morning Physics lab.

The pain of being left behind still stings, but seeing the boys makes her want to go back to the way things were. Unfortunately for her, they’ve returned with only one thing on their minds: Winning Ali’s heart. Ali soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle she never intended to be a part of. As she tries to reclaim the friendships she’s lost, unfamiliar feelings begin to stir. It’s time to make a decision, one that will forever change all their lives: Levi or Tucker Corbin?

Ali is only certain of one thing — She can’t have one Corbin boy without losing the other.

Genre: Upper Young Adult / New Adult Contemporary Romance

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A Bookish Christmas

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Too soon? As Halloween presses ever closer, the holidays are surely in the back of your mind. They’re in the back of mine, reminding me that at some point I’m going to have to get my shit together and figure out gifts. Of course, I thought books, and that led me here. What are some good books to give as a gift? I’m glad you asked! Because I have opinions! Obviously.

1) For the Petrol head in your life: And On That Bombshell by Richard Porter.
My husband is getting this book. It’s cool you guys, he doesn’t look here, this is a safe place. Richard Porter was a script editor on BBC’s Top Gear for 13 years and the book is supposed to be full of behind the scenes stories. Full disclosure: I haven’t read it yet, it’s new, but promises to excite any car lover.

2) For the Foodie: How to Bake the Perfect Apple Pie by Gina Henning.
This book is part of a scrumptious series, and if you want to start at the beginning, you should. This book will make you want apple pie and a delicious glass of wine. Like, seriously, the cravings. It’s short and sweet, romantic but not graphic and can be read in a weekend if you’re free to veg out.

3) For the paranormal lover: Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon
This book was so good. It’s long but it really draws you in. You might want to start earlier in the series but I do think this book could stand alone. And I love Greek mythology.

4) For the Rocker: Color Me Crazy by Carol Pavliska
This book is about Cleo, a rock star fan/groupie who happens to be a loveable disaster and Julian, a guitar playing God. This book is very sexy and very funny but also touches on some serious issues. Julian has synesthesia – he sees sound in colors. Its a real condition, you can look it up. I’ll wait… See? Told you so. I can’t imagine a more perfect or overwhelming job for him than a musician.

6) For Young Readers: Spy School by Stuart Gibbs
Full disclosure: I haven’t read this yet but I did buy it because it sounds so good. A nerdy middle school kid who dreams of working for the CIA. He gets recruited to a science school that is really a junior CIA academy! How will it turn out for him? We’ll have to read to find out. Bonus: There are other books in this series!

Also in this category: The Percy Jackson books, anything by Roald Dahl, and The Chronicles of Narnia (a personal fave of mine.)

7) For Babies: Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton
My baby couldn’t get enough of this board book. Granted, I do the animal sounds and sing the “La La La” part but the book has a nice cadence to it. It’s short, easily memorized, and fun. Babies love repetition and this book is perfect.  We’re on our second copy of this book actually.

Have a child a little older who doesn’t mind sitting for a slightly longer book? Try The Gruffalo  by Julia Donaldson.
Another HUGE hit on our house. Fun to read, vivid pictures, and a charming story about a mouse and a Gruffalo. I know one year olds and four year olds who love this book, so don’t worry if the kid doesn’t fall under the “infant” category. It’s available as a board book, hardback, paperback and audio!

8) For the romantic: Birthright by Nora Roberts
I love that the main character is an archaeologist. One of those things I think I might have done in another life. Callie is questioning her past and her ex-husband shows up on the dig site complicating matters. It’s so good.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
This book is YA, very emotional (read: ugly cry) but so good. Romantic, gripping, emotional, brave, emotional, did I mention emotional? It’s about two teenagers who happen to have cancer, but don’t let that deter you. Get the tissues and read it. Okay? Okay.

9) For the Suspense Lover: Envy by Sandra Brown
So, I love this book, and I recommend it to everyone all the time. I love books, I love reading and writing, so yeah, it’s about a writer and a publisher. MAYBE that’s part of it. Maybe. But it’s woven so masterfully. Two stories collide, the past and the present, with flashbacks here and there that make you question everything going on in the present. It’s so good.
Darker Than Midnight by Maggie Shayne
This will keep you turning pages, I promise. I’ve read it a few times and will surely read it a few more. A prisoner out to prove his innocence, a police officer in a tight spot, a conspiracy… enjoy.

10) For the Mom/Sister/Bff in your life: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

The story of Dinah, as in biblical – daughter of Jacob, Dinah. It celebrates the strength and resilience of women in a time when women were looked at as anything but. It’s very good.

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
This was recommended to me and I drug my feet about it because I’m a prat. It’s amazing. I devoured it. I also loved the movie, by the way. It’s lush and rich, it’s gritty and wonderful. I loved it.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

Perfect for the new parents in your life who desperately need a laugh to make them forget about all the sleep they’re not getting.

11) For the Forensic or Procedural Fan: A Necessary Evil by Alex Kava
Graphic in the way forensics can be but so good. A who done it mystery with an ending that left me surprised and gobsmacked. I actually need another copy of this book. I loaned mine to a friend and it’s been so long since I’ve read it. But I really liked it. I was taking a forensics class at the time when I first read it and I was super into the forensics, Locard’s Exchange Principle and all that. But you don’t have to be as nerdy as me to enjoy.

12) For the Conspiracy Theorist: The Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson.
I’d definitely start at the beginning and this book gets a big TRIGGER WARNING. There is pretty graphic rape and revenge. The first book is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The books are long but well worth the read. The later books in the series are my favorite.

13) For the Hipster: The Cormorant by Chuck Wendig

This book follows Miriam Black, who can see how someone will die when she touches them. Wendig writes swear words with a connoisseur’s eye, weaving profanity together so artfully you can’t help but smile. It’s like wiping your ass with silk. The Cormorant is a gritty, dark, adventure with a crazy badass main character. It’s action packed and will keep you turning pages.

14) For the Game of Thrones fan: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

This is a series with all the elements of GoT: a paranormal problem, a corrupt King, power struggles, lies. It also has a badass female assassin as the main character. There isn’t strong language (that I can remember) or any graphic sex, though there is violence (I did mention the word assassin, right?) and a bit of a love story, so I could see this book being perfect for the twenty somethings or teens looking to dive into a series from the beginning. Really well developed worlds, too. As you get further in the series, it’s very well done. I love a good world builder.

15) For the Thrill Seeker: Bag of Bones by Stephen King

I read this when I was home alone, which in hindsight was a poor choice, and scared the crap out of myself. Bonus points for being a book about a writer!

The Good Guy by Dean Koontz
Real talk: My favorite part of this book is the set up, the beginning. But still, I always throw it out there. It’s good.

16) For the Asshole: I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max
If you know a douchebag who LOVES being a douchebag, this is the book for them. Be sure and check that they don’t already own it. It’s equal parts funny and cringey.

Books that I’d like to receive for Christmas:
1) Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys by Dan Kindlon

2) Treasure Hunters Series by James Patterson (Always keeping an eye out for kiddo.)

3) The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz: This is the next book in the Millenium Series.

4) Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

I’d love to hear if you have any recommendations on books for the holidays. After all I haven’t started shopping yet. Got something perfect for the techie, the naughty bff, or the wine lover? Bring ’em on! Leave book recs in the comments below!

The Life of a Querying Writer in Gifs

So you banged out your masterpiece.

writing animated GIF

It was a hard road filled with plot holes, distractions on the internets and shopping on Etsy that left you with half a manuscript for far too long. But you persevered through all that shit and finished! Plus, you got awesome new knickknacks from Etsy. Score! You totally needed that clay sculpture of a rainbow unicorn. ‘Cause it’s awesome.

new girl animated GIF

And bless your literary heart, you made it through edits, beta readers, more edits. Seriously endless edits. Then you sent that finished manuscript out. You’re officially a querying writer. Cue freakout.

panic animated GIF

You will check your email compulsively. Endlessly. Irrationally. There is no way they’re getting back to you same day, but you’ll check anyway. Get a cup of coffee. Take a snack. Get comfy. You’re going to be there a while.

computer animated GIF

And then you see it. There, in your inbox! You know that senders address! It shines like a beacon from the black hole that is your over-checked, newly cleaned out and organized, email inbox.

reaction animated GIF

But odds are, it’s a rejection. EVERYONE gets rejected. The greats, the amateurs, everyone. And usually a lot so bond with that. It stings, of course, but you don’t take it personally. You keep writing and querying but deep down at the mere mention of that agents/publishers name you recoil from the pain memory.

Testing 1, 2, 3 animated GIF

Then, after many more rejections, you see something new in your inbox. This rejection reads differently. It’s got words like, “pleased to,” and “impressed,” in it. What sorcery is this, you wonder.

work animated GIF

You calmly read it twelve more times. You save it. You print a copy. You call your mother just so she can read it and verify that you haven’t finally lost your mind and are really seeing what you think you’re seeing. This one is not a rejection. Cue freakout!

happy animated GIF

It was all totally worth it. You’re high on literary dreams. You drop names like Hemingway,Thoreau, and Woolf around your friends for a week because you can’t help it. You say things like, “Oh, I highly recommend that you read them,” with an asshole air in your voice. You might even point out similarities between their great works and your space opera about leper alien vampires with an unfortunate proximity to the sun. This affect should only be temporary. Because you’re a writer, not a douchebag, so you’ll get back to normal. You’ll read a few books. You’ll sell a few books. And then you get back to writing. Because writers write.

So, step one: you bang out your masterpiece.

writing animated GIF


the goonies animated GIF

Hello word nerds. I’ve missed you. Things have been pretty busy over here at Casa de la Brasch. For starters, I had a baby. I’ve never done that before. It was pretty crazy, let me tell you. But totally awesome and worth it. I was filled with, “I am woman, hear me roar!” type pride. I think Mic Drop moments in the delivery room should be mandatory. Don’t get me wrong, there were also tears and swear words and drugs. It was glorious. Then, BAM! Baby!

community animated GIF

Since baby, I’ve been learning how to be a mother. There’s a steep learning curve for ya. And also wondering why I never realized just how little sleep the human body needs to function. It’s all good though. I have learned the art of the cat nap.

tired animated GIF

Life was pretty much: Play with baby. Sleep when baby sleeps. Feed baby. Repeat.
Cooking wasn’t even on my radar. On a related note: Progresso soup and pop tarts are totally delicious, am I right?

baby mama animated GIF

But I love every second with my little cub.

panda animated GIF

We love music and dance time every day! We really know how to have fun together.

mom fail animated GIF

But then something wonderful happened! What you ask? My baby started sleeping! Months and months (AND MONTHS) after all my friend’s kids started sleeping, mine finally considered it and found the idea amiable. And when he napped, I was like, “Hey. Remember that time I was a writer? I liked that shit.” I even got new book ideas!

tina fey animated GIF

And while I’m convinced there’s an alarm to wake a baby underneath a mother’s pillow that the weight of a human head activates – I even managed to pick up a book or two and read for fun! Much like the pillow alarm, cracking open a book can also wake a child in another room instantaneously. Proceed with caution.

Ahhhh, secret reading.

book animated GIF

So now I’m drunk with sleep, baby snuggles, and book stuff. DRUNK WITH THE POWER, I SAY. And also maybe a glass of wine here and there. Just a small one.

comedy central animated GIF

How have you all been? If you’ve been reading anything fabulous you’re under moral obligation to share. I’m too tired to keep up with the hot new books, so tell me all about ’em. (Dying to get my hands on The Girl on the Train, though. Bonus points if you want to tell me what you thought of that one.)

That’s all for now. We’ll talk soon I’m sure!


Color Me Crazy

I reviewed a book! The author is one of the nicest people and I jumped at the chance for an ARC. You should thank me for doing so because now I bring you my review of the book. COLOR ME CRAZY.

I received an advanced reader copy of Color Me Crazy for review. This book made me laugh out loud several times. I think we can all relate to the woman who doesn’t quite have it together, who is just shy of graceful and occasionally an outright disaster. I love that about Cleo. Julian is the rock star every girl has dreamed of at least once in her life but he’s so much more. He’s a synesthete. Imagine the benefit and hardship of actually seeing the music while being a rockstar. There were certainly times when I found Julian witty, strong, and unbelievably frustrating. This story has sex, drugs, rock and roll, yes. But it’s full of heart, struggle, and beautiful descriptions so that you too will be seeing the world in different colors. Author Carol Pavliska manages to be laugh out loud funny, real (writing you and your friends right into a novel as Cleo and her besties), heartbreaking, and sexy. I highly recommend this book.
(A side note: One of the most original book covers I’ve ever seen. Look closely. That’s Julian on the cover of his rock magazine, his tattoos accurately portrayed, right down to the line of music at his waist. I love it.)

That’s my Goodreads review but you came all the way to the blog – so you get a bit more. 😉
I started messaging Carol almost as soon as I started reading the book, telling her I was literally laughing out loud. Just as soon as I told her about my favorite part, I had new one. And I find synesthesia fascinating. I didn’t before, because I knew nothing about it before, but Carol pulls you into Julian’s world so well. She makes it fascinating, she makes it scary. Julian’s reality sucks you in and the author does an amazing job of describing it beautifully.
So if you’re all about books that keep you turning pages, here’s your next read. You’re welcome.
P.S. There’s a blurb below!
Carol Pavliska

carol non-head tilt

About the Author:
Carol Pavliska began her writing career as a family humor columnist and blogger, a pursuit she abandoned when her children became old enough to realize they were being exploited. To save them from further embarrassment, she turned to writing fiction.
Her debut novel is a steamy contemporary romance, so unfortunately, the kids are still embarrassed.

When she’s not creating unrealistic expectations as a romance writer (ripped abs, dramatic temperaments, and eyes like bottomless pools of Hey Girl), she functions quite nicely in her real world, which consists of a delightfully stable husband and five children.
Carol and her husband, both die hard Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, raise their vegan brood of mortified offspring on a cattle ranch in South Texas. No lie.

To learn more about Carol, visit her website at, or connect with her on social media:

Entangled Publishing, LLC
2614 South Timberline Road
Suite 109
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Everyone Loves The Back Jacket Blurb:
Title: Color Me Crazy
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Imprint: Entangled Select

Never fall for a rockstar…
Julian Wheaton views the world through a kaleidoscope of synesthesia, seeing the colors of every sound he hears. His life as an iconic rock guitarist was a stressful psychedelic trip that nearly destroyed him. Now he’s abandoned the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle for the peaceful sanctity of his recording studio, but when fiery Cleo Compton comes to work for him, she brings chaos with her.

Cleo Compton has had her flings with rockstars—and it’s left her wary and bruised. Julian may have those sexy bedroom eyes and drool-worthy tattoos, but Cleo is determined to keep things strictly professional—until Julian turns out to be every dream she’s ever chased. When he risks it all to hit the road with a band again, Cleo fears he’ll return as the one thing she can no longer abide—a rockstar.

Grab Your Copy Here:

Elected by Rori Shay


Today is my stop on the blog tour for ELECTED by Rori Shay! This is one book you don’t want to miss and is out TODAY! The kickstarter to this book is available at  You will be able to get a copy of ELECTED in hardcover and/or paperback with a free ebook, a lot of special limited-edition items and other free books. Don’t wait, get your copy today! Then tell us how you liked it!



It’s a YA SciFi out with Silence in the Library.


It’s the year 2185, and in two weeks, Aloy will turn eighteen and take her father’s place as president of the country. But to do so, she must masquerade as a boy to avoid violating the Eco-Accords, four treaties designed to bring the world back from the brink of environmental extinction. Aloy hopes to govern like her father, but she is inheriting a different country. The long concealed Technology Faction is stepping out of the shadows, and as turmoil grows within her country, cryptic threats also arrive from beyond the borders.

As she struggles to lead, Aloy maintains her cover by marrying a woman, meanwhile battling feelings for the boy who knows her secret – the boy who is somehow connected to her country’s recent upheaval. When assassination attempts add to the turmoil, Aloy doesn’t know whom to trust. She understood leadership required sacrifice. She just didn’t realize the sacrifice might be her life.


As if he can read my thoughts, Griffin says, “I know what you are.”

And before I can even think about the consequences of my actions, anger overtakes me. What I’ve hidden for so long and been so careful to keep secret is now in the hands of this impudent intruder?

I’m up out of my seat and running at him before I realize what I’m doing. I knock him forward, pushing with both my hands flat against his back.

He’s surprised and falls forward, losing his balance.

In this moment, I look around the room for some more dangerous weapon than my two hands. My knife is too far. I find what I’m looking for on the wall to my right. One of my fencing swords. I grab it off its decorative shelf and get in an offensive stance, right foot forward at an angle.

As Griffin regains his balance and faces me, I hold my stance, looking him fiercely in the eyes. He doesn’t say anything, but I see him scan the room fast. I lunge at him, but I’m a second too slow. He’s already run to my left and grabbed a wooden cane I’ve been carving. It’s now the wood cane against my steel sword. I’ve been fencing since I was seven, so I’m quick. I should be able to take him out easily.

I don’t mean to really hurt him, just push him back out of my room, get my anger out. But Griffin is stronger than I expect. We’re fighting, wood to steel, clashing in the air, the sword making gashes in the softer wood.

I jump back over furniture, toppling pieces as we both fly around the room. We’re both spinning, checking each other’s advances. Griffin surprises me, putting up a fight matching mine. I’ve received expert training, but who taught him to fight so well?

Griffin backs up against my door, but I can’t let him escape. Unless I win the fight, he could run out that door and tell the world my secret. My family’s future could come crashing down around me in an instant.

I push forward with more heat. We’re up close now, our weapons right at each other’s faces. I can hear his grunts through my own yells.

All at once his cane swings out at me, but not where I expect it to go. He doesn’t aim for my sword. He aims for my feet, knocking me off balance onto my back. My sword clatters to the ground in the onslaught, and before I know it he’s on top of me. I’m punching and pushing back at him, and we’re in a fist fight, rolling on the ground. I don’t easily give up, but he’s got a few muscular pounds on me.

I’m furious, kicking and shouting at him. In between our wrestling, he spurts out, “It’s your secret. Not mine.” He’s out of breath from our fight, so he has trouble getting the words out. “I’m not planning to tell anyone.”

While he’s trying to get the words out of his mouth, I take the opportunity to push harder. I end up on top of him and pin his arms above his head. He goes slack, letting me hold him there.

“You’re a girl,” he says, serious and amused at the same time.

“You have no evidence!”

He juts his chin out, pointing to my torso. His eyes are mischievous. I look down at what he’s pointing to.

And then I realize.

The shirt I’d been sleeping in has lost a few buttons. It hangs open and ragged off my torso. Immediately, I let go of Griffin’s arms and instinctively grasp around my chest for my bindings.

But I’m too late.

A milky white breast hangs out of the wrappings, announcing my secret loud and clear.






I see my opportunity to ask the very thing that’s been on the tip of my tongue for months. Something I know my parents won’t answer but that Tomlin might—if for no other reason than to further my education. “The Ship Accord didn’t stop everyone, though.” I know I’m bringing up something painful.

“You’re right.” Tomlin looks down.

“My brother.” I lean forward in my chair, expectant for some new tidbit of information from Tomlin. “What happened to him?” I am unwavering with my request for information on Evan.

“We don’t know.” Tomlin’s sadness is apparent.

“You were his tutor, right? What was he like? Would he have made a better Elected than me?” I’ve always wondered if Evan would have been better suited for the role than I. I know the answer must be yes since he was the true Elected, the only male heir of the family. Only men are allowed to be the Elected since women must focus on repopulation. But my parents and Tomlin encourage me to have more confidence. They have to, I guess, since they have no other choice. I’m their only option left.

I know Tomlin doesn’t enjoy talking about my brother. No one does. Evan was everyone’s pride and joy until he ran away. But I never knew him at all. My parents had me as a hurried attempt for another child after Evan disappeared.

I keep pressing Tomlin for other information, knowing I won’t get an answer about Evan’s character. “How does everyone know Evan escaped via boat? How did he even find a ship to get away? I thought my grandfather destroyed all of them.” I see Tomlin cringe at my word ‘escaped’, and I chide myself that I’ve yet again made the Elected role sound like a prison sentence.

“As far as anyone knew, they were all dismantled, the parts used for building materials.” Tomlin rakes a hand through the thin wisps of his hair.

“So how’d Evan get one?” I am relentless. “And how’d he get it past Apa?” I can’t imagine how Evan managed to plan such an elaborate departure under my father’s tight scrutiny.

“Enough.” Tomlin’s tone is harsh but quiet. I know he can’t be budged when he doesn’t want to proceed. “We need to keep going with your studies. The public will expect you to be well-trained when you take office.”

“Okay, just one more question?” I ask, looking at my fingernails. They are perfect half-moons except for the two pinkies on whose nails I obsessively gnaw. As I get nearer to the date of my inauguration, the two nails seem to get shorter and shorter.

“One more, then we go on. But it must do with the Accords.”

“It does. Sort of. What do other countries do with people who make it through the sea to their lands?”

I can’t look at Tomlin while I wait for the answer. It’s something I already know in my heart, but I want to hear it out loud.

Finally, Tomlin answers, his voice a mere whisper. “What would we do?”

I stretch my palm out so I’m playing with my fingers instead of concentrating fully on my own words. I almost don’t want to hear them—don’t want to hear what might have happened to Evan.

“We use hemlock.”

About the Author:

Rori Shay is an author living in the Washington, DC area with her husband, daughters, black lab, and cat – just not quite in the same exciting circumstances as ELECTED’s main character, Aloy. She enjoys running, gardening, reading, doing yoga, and volunteering with the Dwelling Place non-profit. Rori is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

 Author social media links:








~Items seen in ELECTED such as a marriage binding (temporary tattoo)

~Hemlock soap

~Necklace as seen in ELECTED

~Signed paperback copy of ELECTED

~Optional FaceTime or Skype session with the author for 1/2 an hour (can be used one-on-one or at the winner’s book club, etc.)


Rori Shay’s Top Ten Songs that she listened to (over and over again) while writing ELECTED to help keep her in the atmosphere of the book.

They just portray the mood well–a lot of conflict between desire and holding back!

1) Paradise by Coldplay
2) Away by Nicole & Denise
3) Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright
4) Devil to Pay by Tommy & The High Pilots
5) Come Along by Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo Green
6) Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay
7) The Only Exception by Paramore
8) What I’ve Done by Marie Digby
9) Love, Save the Empty by Erin McCarley
10) Set Fire to the Rain by Adele